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To assist in the management of spinal and other joint problems, it may be necessary to recommend products that may be beneficial to a patients improvement.

These may include pillows, ice packs and ancillaries, to assist exercises or aid relief for example.


Too often chiropractors see people with chronic, longstanding and often debilitating neck pain. On assessment, we find their pillows are of poor quality or provide poor support to their necks. A simple change such as a new pillow may make the world of difference.

Ice Packs

Often, when an injury occurs or you are in sudden pain in the low back or neck, an ice pack is a great ancillary treatment procedure. It assists in controlling swelling around an injured area which in turn facilitates faster recovery.


The PosturePole™ helps relieve neck, shoulder and upper back pain stemming from ‘forward head’ posture. It also encourages comfortable upright posture. For more information, click on this link:


Back Vitalizer

The Back Vitalizer™ is an amazingly effective air cushion where gentle and on-going movement of air is transmitted to the body structure. This unlocks the tension and almost instantly stops the pain. For more information, click on the link:

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