Pre-Adjustment Consultation

At our clinic, we make use of some of the best technology available to help us obtain a better clinical picture of your health – so that, in turn, we can do better for you.

Our pre-adjustment consultation will consist of:

  • A detailed case history of your condition, including past episodes, past treatment (if any) and medical/surgical interventions.
  • A thorough physical examination including orthopaedic, neurological, and chiropractic testing.
  • X-rays – We have our own in house X-rays, and we try and utilise these whenever possible. We have found that it is better for people to be weight-bearing (standing) during our spinal X-rays so that we can see how your spine adapts to carrying your frame when you are upright. This provides us with much more information than if your films are taken lying down.

In addition to our high-tech analysis, East Bentleigh Health Group also utilises modern adjusting tables that have multiple drop-piece segments as well as activator instruments that can be used to deliver very low-force adjustments when appropriate.

Posture is the window to the spine. Poor postural alignment indicates increased amounts of strain on all the spinal tissues, and poor posture indicates poor spinal alignment and abnormal function that may then lead to pain and other problems.

At East Bentleigh Health Group, we have the latest technology to accurately analyse your posture using computerised analysis of digital photographs which assists in our diagnosis and ultimately translates to better results and outcomes for patients at our practice here at East Bentleigh Health Group.

We look forward to meeting you on your first appointment.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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