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Arthritis is a major cause of disability in Australia affecting people of all ages and walks of life.  Arthritis is not a single condition.  Arthritis literally means inflammation of the joint.  There are over 150 kinds of arthritis, all of which affect one or more joints in the body. The most common types of arthritis […]

Coccyx Pain

The coccyx is the small triangular bone at the bottom of the spine.  Some people call it their tail bone. Coccyx pain is a common musculoskeletal problem that can result from direct trauma, childbirth, or chronic biomechanical problems in the pelvis.  It occurs in both men and women, and often becomes a long standing, chronic […]

Elbow Pain and Tennis Elbow

When the tendons of the elbow (lateral epicondyle) are injured, irritated, or inflamed, it becomes a condition labelled as ‘tennis elbow’ or lateral epicondylitis.  It is a painful condition that is often felt in the area of the arm near the elbow and/or in the elbow itself. Tennis elbow is often caused by overuse, abuse, […]

Hip Pain and Groin Strain

Hip pain is a condition that originates from an injury or from a pre-existing condition.  Yet, among many cases of hip pain, inflammation of the tendon in the pelvic area is the most common.  Hip and groin pain can be related and they can be caused by a variety of muscle or joint problems in […]